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Digital project controls

We do project controls a little different. Blending twenty years of project controls capability, pre-built reporting solutions, and a deep understanding of the technologies used deliver large scale projects.

We know the ropes, and where the pain points are. So, have taken the time to figure out better ways of helping planning teams focus on what matters.

Our Strategies automate repetitive workflows, improve visibility, and increase team velocity by removing the monkey from the human.

Supercharge schedule quality – save time, money, and stress with BaseOne’s expert project solutions, and project controls professionals.

Integrated project controls solutions

baseone Planning & Scheduling- copy

Planning & scheduling

Streamline and execute large scale project operations with ease.

From estimating to closeout, we help organisations plan, manage & report across all types of projects.

baseone Portfolio Management- copy

Portfolio management

Bring harmony to global project portfolios.

We help you feel the pulse of project progress, burn rates and key metrics at the organisational level, without taking an eye of the detail.

baseone Cost & Resource Planning copy

Cost & resource management

Manage your most important resources.

From people to price tags, we help bring it all together with pin point accuracy, so you know what you need, before you need it.

baseone Project Risk- copy

Risk planning

Identify and plan for risk so you don’t get caught out.

We help remove uncertainty and track the unavoidable, minimising the impacts before they happen.

Talk project controls with us.

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Project control strategies

BaseOne help clients deliver robust, dependable, integrated project portfolios that reflect reality, and help you understand workloads across your entire organisation.

We blend capabilities in project management and data science technology, and return value to clients via process improvement, automation, and prebuilt reporting solutions developed upon decades of direct experience.

Most project controls teams spend almost twenty five percent of their time on repetitive data entry, analysis, and reporting. Leaving less time to focus on the facts.

We help to remove the monkey from the human and put information in the hands of decision makers throughout your projects and organisation.


Extensive planning & scheduling capability

We bring a wealth of experience to your table from projects and companies across the world. We’ve worked across large scale projects through all phases, on both land and sea.

Baseone can work adjacent or deploy capability to your teams to supercharge your project controls.


Embedded technology

From update to decision making, we automate and simplify the tasks that you hate doing, so you can focus on delivering projects, not reports.

Take the pain points out of project update cycles and get better data faster, higher team satisfaction and both time and cost savings.


Prebuilt business intelligence P6 reporting

Deploy prebuilt project controls tools and reporting platforms, created by us and powered by Power BI.

Portfolio management, time, cost, resources, earned value or DCIM. Know the status immediately with a suite of comprehensive, customisable dashboards connected by XER, database, or API.


Continuous improvement

We deploy project controls experts as an Agile team, with a focus on process improvement.

Each reporting cycle is an improvement on the last. Until processes are efficient and optimised. Agile frameworks are also more open, creative and collaborative, and provide full stakeholder visibility.

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