Data & Analytics Showcase

We can’t always showcase our excellent client work due to the confidential nature of the data.

So, we develop fun reports that we can use to highlight our end-to-end business intelligence development skills using Power BI.

Business Intelligence Development

baseone Nike-demo-report-base1-cover-website2

Nike executive retail report

We built a demo report using open-source Nike data to demonstrate how retail style reports and interfaces can be integrated with executive summaries and c-suite report style design.


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baseone James-Bond-Cover

James Bond movie analysis

A report that investigates the movies, locations and vehicles of James Bond movies. Designed based on dashboard props used in the movies.

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baseone StarWars-Cover

Star Wars character and planet analysis

A look into what species and planets exist in the Star Wars universe. Taking inspiration from movies prop interfaces and including a long scroll infographic.


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baseone MarvelvsDC-Cover

Marvel vs DC

Compare your favourite superheroes using our top trumps styled report that investigates moves, reviews, revenue, and characters.


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