Our Purpose

We’re here to help you automate work and squeeze value from data, moving away from intuition, and into data informed decision making.

Enabling teams and individuals to focus on their bigger picture.

baseone informed decision making

Think bigger.

Work Smarter. React Faster. Think Bigger.

BaseOne help clients perform better, in both organisational and project environments.

We do this by leveraging technology to automate routine operations and unlock data value. So, you can make better decisions faster.

By doing so, you can save time and repurpose the cost to achieve more, whilst allowing teams to be more creative.

Find perfection in simplicity.

Our Belief: 

The key to perfection is detail. Delivered simply and clearly.

Our belief echoes though everything we do. From design and delivery of solutions, to slick communication.

Our Vision

We want everyone to make bigger, better decisions and enjoy life.

Our Mission

Leverage our Design & Technology experience to improve the way our partners work in project and corporate environments.

Knowledge is power.

We are hungry for knowledge, always learning something new. It’s in our DNA to be curious, discover new things and evolve.

We are data driven, always looking for information that helps us understand our complex working world better. Always pushing to move away from intuition and towards informed decision making.

Knowledge helps us do things smarter, faster, bigger. We will always progress.

baseone informed decision making

Ready to flex.

We are T-shaped experts, generalists with interests in many areas of expertise that are ready to get stuck when needed.

We are collaborative and ready to help. Always looking for better, faster ways of working.

We lead by example. We proudly model behaviours we expect from others; we coach, and we care.

baseone informed decision making

Plan it right, do it once.

Planning makes perfect. We understand the importance of best-practice planning. We look at things holistically, keep focused on the detail and optimise.

We’re agile. Learn fast and improve. We look to understand the details and simplify. Allowing us to focus on delivering value with continuous improvement.

We’re design driven. Through good human centric thinking and aesthetic design, we can achieve greater goals that solve real problems.

baseone informed decision making

Keep it simple.

Simplicity is key. Transforming complexity through simplification is an art from, through which we strive to achieve greatness.

We look for the MVP. We understand the value of delivering simple working product early, that we can improve together.

We reflect and improve. If we repeat something, it must be easier, we’re always looking back in retrospect for streamlined ways to achieve our goals.

baseone informed decision making

Own it.

We take responsibility and deliver. Our goals are your goals. We’re keen to show our skills, be humble and collaborative.

We’re in it to win it. We want to make long term partnerships and see that our work makes a difference for our partners.

We measure our performance on your success, time saved and improvement.

baseone informed decision making

See how we work.

Case studies.

Business intelligence development Nike report demo

Business intelligence development challenge to embed an ecommerce style design into Power BI.


Silverstream Technologies | Data Analytics Development

BaseOne provided data analytics development and primavera P6 support to fast growing maritime technology business.


Bourne Group | Project Controls Support

Project controls support for a leading UK steelwork company.


Engie | Project Controls Reporting Development

Report automation on UKs new generation of nuclear power stations.


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