Business intelligence and planning support for an expanding maritime technology company.

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Year 2022 - Ongoing support


Silverstream Technologies


Silverstream organisational reporting and technical support.


Business intelligence and P6 planning support for an expanding maritime technology company focused on innovative green solutions.

The Customer

For over a decade, Silverstream Technologies has developed and scaled air lubrication technology within shipping, optimising the Silverstream® System for application across the global fleet.

As maritime clean technology market leaders, we understand the relevance and importance of our solution to the IMO’s decarbonisation goals and passionately believe in the role of proven, innovative solutions to enable a more sustainable shipping industry.


The Challenge

Support a fast-growing maritime technology company to plan and manage demand for worldwide installations.

Build a unified platform to report on planning and project management, HR, and safety with a view to further expand data their capability.

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Our Solution

Primavera Support

We helped Silverstream to set up Primavera P6 in a way that aided resource demand planning across their portfolio. We performed a full review of over fifty different project plans, and completed quality checks performed through our Primer app.

Once the initial assessment was complete, we took action to improve schedule quality. Loaded all project plans with the resourcing capability required to track staff, contractors, and project scope. This covered all roles performed, and resources from within the company by name, so that Silverstream could clearly see who was doing what work, and where they had gaps to fill in the future.

Project Controls Data Analytics

On top of Primavera, we did data analytics development to produce a bespoke company branded P6 reporting suite in Power BI. Our solution connected directly to the P6 database and delivered reports that provided actionable insight for schedule and resource demand planning, as well as Gantt charts and other schedule metrics. Integration

To provide a level of accuracy to the planning estimations, we connected live shipping data from so that Silverstream could track ships and visualise port arrival ETAs for their fleet and could align project start dates with real time geolocational data.

HR Reporting

We expanded the Power BI reporting suite to include business intelligence for human resources, bling data from multiple sources and performing data governance and quality checks to improve the data quality throughout the organisational reporting.

Silverstream HR reports included information on recruitment and future demand forecasts, attrition, diversity, holidays and more.

Safety Reporting

A full safety tracking report was also included in Silverstream’s solution. It helps unify the safety reporting data captured from projects across the world to visualise their safety performance.

What the Client Said

Basone’s business intelligence solutions have made life easier and save time each week in manual reporting. They are well designed, clear, and simple to understand, and have made presenting to the exec team easier and less ambiguous.

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Andrew Wall – Vice President Corporate Services – Silverstream Technologies

BaseOne provided a great sounding board for ideas on how to better visualise and plan our project portfolio and develop project control reporting and went on to deliver these ideas into real solutions. This has enabled better quality data to be more easily accessible to the key stakeholders across our organisation in highly professional and standardised reporting packs.

BaseOne continue to support Silverstream and remain a close partner for us, their thoughts and ideas are always well considered and relevant to our needs, they offer a great offloading option when it comes to getting things done and have taken time to understand our business.


Simon Cuthbert – Vice President Operations – Silverstream Technologies


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