Make your project controls more digital, Agile and data-driven

We can help your organisation accelerate and transform operations – leveraging technology to intelligently plan, manage, report and deliver.


Transform your projects with our services

We blend the most in-demand technologies,  delivery frameworks, and advanced analytics with project controls expertise that spans the last two decades.

Project Controls

Embed our capability, digital insights and automation into your project controls


Transform, scale and accelerate your teamwork with Agile working practices

Data & Analytics

Apply analytics and business intelligence to operations for data-driven efficiency

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Overcome your project challenges

Consolidate silos and harness your data

Does your project capture huge amounts of data, yet most of it is siloed and its value lost?

Our data management and business intelligence expertise brings everything together – so you can uncover fresh insights, and make targeted data-driven decisions that are strategically better for your business.

Automate business as usual processes

Are your teams spending too much time on repetitive tasks?

We leverage technology to automate processes and free up time. By automating everyday workflows. you can avoid monotonous tasks that kill team motivation and creativity – like manual update cycles that take days to achieve.

Enable high performing Agile teams

Are your teams busy, but you feel they could deliver business value more effectively?

We enable high-performing, value-focused teams with Agile frameworks like Scrum.

This enables you to deliver objectives based on business and client value, and drive continuous improvement of products and processes.

Bridge the technology skills gap

You have technology available, but it’s not used to its full potential, due to lack of understanding or skills?

We can help you exploit your current technology to its full capability – and discover new ways to build apps, automate workflows, centralise data and organise teams.

Take your reporting to the next level with BaseOne

BaseOne will help you deliver more ongoing value from your projects – by organising your data and unlocking actionable insights that drive efficient decision-making across your teams and wider organisation.

We are a specialist consultancy providing enterprise project management services, support and technology. We bring particular expertise in project controls, Agile working and data analytics.

Talk to us about how we can improve efficiency, insight and teamwork for your projects and business operations
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Deliver better project results, faster

Effective systems

Unify systems and embed advanced business intelligence in your project controls and wider organization.

Data quality and insights

Analyse data from across your projects and perform checks for data integrity and quality.

Total project visibility

Provide rich analytical experiences with customised tools and dashboards, using platforms such as Microsoft Power BI and Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM.

Agile transformation

Work within an Agile delivery framework to deliver with continuous improvement.

Expert consultants

Deploy our expert consultants to work embedded within your teams on projects across the UK and globally.

What we do

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| Data & Analytics
| Project Controls
| Creative & Digital
| Agile
| Digital Transformation

| Data & Analytics

Apply analytics and business intelligence to your operations for data-driven efficiency

Extract more value from your data to make better decisions, find solutions to business problems and improve operational efficiency. Enable new insights by harnessing our experience in data management, and business intelligence, coupled with the latest technology in AI and analytics.

We collaborate closely with you to understand goals and requirements, business needs and problems to craft expert data driven reports and analytics solutions.

Organisations with future-ready operations are already using data, BI and analytics at scale, enabling them to stay competitive and make the right data-driven decisions – join them.
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Advanced Analytics

Deploy next level data analysis that includes predictive modelling and machine learning to help you make the best decisions.

Business Intelligence

Collect, store and transform your companies' data. Gather insights and provide rich interactive dashboards reports made with applications such as Power BI.

ERP & Cloud Systems

Build a holistoc view of your organisations opperations with Enterprise Resource Planning systems, and store your data securly in the cloud.

Data Science

Extract valuable knowledge and insights from noisy, structured and unstructured data, and apply knowledge and actionable insights using the latest technologies.

Data Management

Process, store and organise you organisations information, embed quality services and enable a single source of truth for your decision making.

Data Warehousing

Securely store your information in databases, lakes, and warehouses on premise, or in the cloud. Keep a historical overview, and access information when you need it.

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| Project Controls

Supercharge your project controls with our proven expertise 

Our Project Control experts have managed portfolios, built schedules and delivered reporting solutions on billions of dollars of projects – for some of the world’s largest organisations, in sectors such as energy and construction.

Deploy our end-to-end digital project planning solutions for the next generation of project delivery and control. Our solutions combine our experience in project management and project controls, industry standard planning tools, like Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Asta, with the latest data science and business intelligence technologies.
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Planning & Scheduling

Bring advanced project planning and scheduling to your project with our expert knowledge of Primavera P6 and almost two decades of experience.

Portfolio Management

Manage your project programs and portfolios globally and unify your capability to enable a holistic global overview of your workloads.

Risk Management

Identify and manage risks, threats, and opportunities to safeguard your projects and decision making, whilst finding the optimum resolutions ahead of time.

Cost Management

Manage project and organisational costs for resources, expenses, and materials. Forecast spend, understand your cost performance, and increase cost efficiencies.

Resource Planning

Manage your organisational resources, and assets globally, with industry standard software implemented by experts.

EVM Reporting

Embed Earned Value Management (EVM) into your projects to fully understand your performance by fully integrating schedule, cost and scope.

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| Agile

Transform, scale and accelerate your teamwork with agile working practices

Bring improved Agile work processes to your project and organisation, with our expert training and coaching. We help you implement Lean and Agile principles and practices to transform and continuously improve ways of working across the enterprise.

Agile is fast becoming the new way of working for organisations across the world. With proven results across all sectors, it is a proven methodology to deliver value and respond to change at a competitive pace.

Results show that organisations and projects that adopt Agile practices perform significantly better than those that don't. It can help you accelerate change, align teams with business objectives, build better products and fail less.
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Organisational Agility

Enable the ability to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes in the market, competition or customer needs based on frameworks utilised by Silicon Valley giants.

Agile Teams

Empower your teams with Agile working to increase productivity, visibility and output whilst keeping products aligned with expectations.


Help your teams work better together with Scrum, a lightweight  for developing, delivering and sustaining products in a complex environment.

Our people are ready to make change happen

We blend knowledge of project management frameworks and data science and with powerful technology – to help our clients work smarter, plan better, and make faster, data driven decisions.

For the last two decades, our experts have been supporting leading organisations with project controls strategies built around technology, insights, and capability. 

To support the wider success of your projects and operations, we also provide a range of services for digital transformation, design, and creative services.

Talk to us about how we can improve efficiency, insight and teamwork for your projects and business operations.

We operate a fully remote team based in London, Bristol and Cardiff.
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Our client trust us to make a difference

We leverage years of experience gained from working with leading organisations to help our clients improve the way they work.

Our experience ranges from executive suites and global portfolio management to some of the world’s biggest construction projects.

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Transform the way your organisation controls its operations – becoming digital-first, Agile and data-centric. With our services and expertise, you can empower your teams, embed technology and enable analytics-driven decision- making.

Get in touch to discuss how BaseOne can help you. Use our contact details or complete the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch soon.


We operate a fully remote team based in the following locations;

Data & Analytics

Advanced Analytics
Business Intelligence
Data Science
Data Management
Data Warehousing

Project Controls

Portfolio Management
Risk Management
Planning & Scheduling
Cost & Resource Management

Creative & Digital

Cloud Services
UIUX Design
Application Development
Brand & Graphic Design


Organisational Agility
Agile Teams

Digital Transformation

Digital Workspace
Business Transformation
Process & Procurement
Waste Elimination

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